malu bucks

The idea behind “Malu Bucks” is that we want to reward those of our cast members who have been notably good workers whether on stage or off stage.

Here are just a few examples of reasons we may choose to reward a cast member:
-Coming on time to work
-Cheering on or supporting a fellow co-worker
-Portraying a great attitude!
-Following instructions well
-Performing tasks without being asked
-Showing exceptional ALOHA to guests
-Going above & beyond for guests or cast members

How to Redeem:
Anyone can redeem their “Malu Bucks” at our MALU STORE for miscellaneous items such as:
-Malu Products (i.e. Malu clothing, Malu bags, etc.)
-Gift Cards (i.e. Ala Moana, Happy’s, etc.)
-Show Items (i.e. Beige Underwear, Lashes, etc.)

At the end of every month, Admin will send out a text or email to let the Cast know when our MALU STORE will be open. We will post online a catalogue of available items that you may choose from. You will be able to “redeem your Malu Bucks” on available items. Items will vary monthly and pricing will vary by item. Generally, it would cost “1-3 Malu Bucks” on most items.

Note: You will also be able to make cash purchases at the store.