Your Availability Changes:
Here are the procedures to follow if you need or have a change in your schedule that affects the days that you put yourself as available.

  • If the deadline to submit your Availability has not yet passed.
    -If something comes up and you have a change in the days you put yourself available and it is before the submission deadline, you may resubmit your form.
    -You need to inform Michelle and Admin that you resubmitted your Availability
  • If the deadline to submit your Availability has passed, but the schedule has not been posted yet.
    -You have a change in the days you put yourself available and the Availability submission deadline has already passed. If the calendar has not been sent out yet, you may send a message to Michelle, Mahina, and Admin to see there are other performers available to switch you out.
    -If there is flexibility in switching due to a lot of dancers being available that day, we will try to accommodate you.
    -This is not guaranteed and it all depends on the situation.
    -If there is no flexibility, you will either need to work or find a sub.
  • If the final calendar has been sent out.
    -If the calendar has already been sent out and something in your schedule changes and you can no longer work, it is YOUR responsibility to find your own sub (see Substitution Procedures).

Substitution Procedures: 

  • STEP 1: FIND AN APPROPRIATE SUB. This means to ask all dancers that are not scheduled (exhaust your resources!). Please keep in mind that the person who subs for you must be able to completely satisfy your place. 
    • -If you are scheduled for FULL SHOW and need to find a sub, your sub cannot be someone who is only able to work SHOW ONLY, they must be able to work the full show.
    • -If you are an Female LC you must secure another Female LC as a sub.
  • STEP 2: ASK FOR APPROVAL. Once you have found an appropriate sub,
    a) Create a group text including: yourself, Michelle, Mahina, and Admin
    b) State the reason for needing off
    c) Ask if the change will be approved. (EX: "Aloha, my family has scheduled a last minute dinner for tomorrow night and I would like to find a sub. I was able to find coverage, Avi is available and willing to work for me. Can this change in schedule be approved?")

Approval is needed for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Your sub may have forgotten that he/she had already agreed to sub for someone else. 
    EX: On 8/1 Jerry asks Will to sub for him at DH on 8/15 and Will agrees. A couple weeks pass by, and on 8/13 something comes up and Si’i (who is also scheduled at DH on 8/15) needs a sub. Si’i asks Will to sub for him, and Will, who forgot that he already agreed earlier that month to sub for Jerry, agrees to sub for Si’i. When 8/15 comes around, Will comes in to work, but both Jerry and Si’i are not there and we are now short one male dancer.
  • The schedule that evening may require specific dancers for the show, pre-show, or training after the show.
    EX: Joyce is scheduled to train a new dancer after the show since she is the Line Captain for the night. Joyce forgot she was training on that day and asks Sasha to sub for her. Sasha agrees. However, Sasha would not be an appropriate sub because she is not an LC and could not train the new dancer after the show.
  • You do not follow up and confirm the substitution with your sub.
    EX: Elijah texts Tristan “I might go to Kauai this weekend, if I can get the flight can you sub for me at DH on Friday?” Tristan replies “Yes”. Elijah ends up buying his plane ticket, but forgets to follow up with Tristan and confirm the substitution. Thinking that Tristan is covering for him, Elijah flys to Kauai on Friday. Tristan, who never got a follow up text from Elijah confirming that he was going to Kauai, doesn't go to DH on Friday and now we are short one male dancer.
  • Your sub may not be in good standing.
    EX: Dancer 1 is constantly late to the Lu’au. Dancer 2 needs a sub and asks Dancer 1, who agrees. However, Michelle and Mahina were trying not to schedule Dancer 1 because she has been constantly late.  

These are the reasons why an approval is needed by us first. 

  • STEP 3: WAIT FOR APPROVAL. Wait for Michelle or Mahina to approve the sub. If we don't respond quickly, we either don't have the calendar in front of us or we aren't able to respond at the moment.
  • STEP 4: CONFIRM THE APPROVED SCHEDULE CHANGE. If the sub has been approved, create a group text including: yourself, YOUR SUB, Michelle, Mahina, the OSM (if applicable), your LC (if applicable) and Admin and notify all of the approved change and ask your sub to confirm.