When a (p) is removed from your name, it basically lets all of the Performance Management Team (PMT) know that we can count on you to meet all expectations. It means you understand our company rules, the guidelines, and the expectations that our clients have placed on Malu Productions. The (p) represents that we, as well as you, have a responsibility to get you to a certain level of performance, both on and off stage. Use this checklist and all of its links to get you through the evaluation process.

For immediate questions/concerns/issues, please submit your questions here.


step 1 - watch the following video and complete the self check form

Step 2 - read all online learning modules that apply to you

Step 3 - pass all Quizzes for the show you want to be evaluated for

Step 4 - Submit Pre-Show Interaction Videos (AFTER YOU PASS THE NECESSARY QUIZZES)

step 5 - request for pre-evaluation

step 6 - prepare and perform for your pre-evaluation. (it will be scheduled on the calendar)

Step 7 - post-evaluation meeting with your evaluator to discuss your performance and Complete 'my next steps'

step 8 - after you have completed and corrected the areas needing improvement from 'my next steps,' and feel you are ready, request for an evaluation

step 9 - prepare and perform for your evaluation. (it will be scheduled on the calendar)