This page has the entire pre-evaluation/evaluation process for new dancers, musicians, fire knife dancers, chanters, & emcees in training.
Note: When requesting for pre-evaluation & evaluation, please understand that it may take time for us to schedule it into the calendar.


step 1 - watch the following video and complete the self check form

Step 2 - Review the entire evaluation process and orientation resources

Step 3 - pass all Quizzes for the show you want to be evaluated for

Step 4 - Submit Pre-Show Station Interaction Videos AFTER YOU PASS THE NECESSARY QUIZZES

step 5 - request for pre-evaluation once steps 1 - 4 are complete

Step 6 - You must Complete 'my next steps' form with your evaluator after your pre-evaluation has been completed

step 7 - after you have completed and corrected the areas needing improvement from step 6, and feel you are ready, request for evaluation