In-Show Training

Training takes place on stage at any of our following shows:
Diamond Head Lu’au, Hale Koa Lu'au, Ka Moana Lu’au, or Magic of Polynesia. You will be training on stage during the live show!

·         The Training phase is the time to learn the dances in a show and get comfortable performing them on stage. Try out a number on stage once you feel you are ready. During the Training phase, you will not receive compensation (ADT, PreShow Training, In-Show Training).

·         Since you are not a scheduled dancer, each time you learn a number and are approved to perform it, you should try it out in the show.

·         The method to getting through the Training phase quickly is to practice, practice, practice, jump in the show as a non-scheduled dancer as much as possible, and make any necessary corrections based on the feedback you receive, by your next show. If you are available, you may begin working immediately in the lu’au pre-shows and our cruise ship embarkation services.