no dating within the company.

From the company’s standpoint, there are a number of reasons we do not condone dating.

In the past:

  • The quality of our shows have gone down due to dating

  • We have lost clients and shows due to couples fighting

  • Couples have not been able to work together professionally.

  • One or both will act in a way that makes other performers, staff, and guests uncomfortable.

  • One or both will cause drama or tension (jealousy or competition amongst coworkers as well as guests)

  • Couples dating weren’t mature enough to handle a relationship within the entertainment industry

  • One or both have shared intimate/personal information with other performers

  • All have broken up and caused a negative work environment for everyone else)

  • One eventually always leaves the company due to the broken relationship.


  • We do approve married couples

  • We do approve couples that are engaged

  • Professional conduct is expected at all times


  • If you find yourself in a relationship with another person in the company, you have 2 weeks to notify us.

  • Should we discover our performers are dating each other, we will most often ask one of them to leave the company

  • If you think you have found “the love of your life” or your “soul mate” within Malu, please contact Michelle directly.

It is indeed legal for a company to prohibit dating between coworkers and a company can indeed have a policy that requires one of the parties to move on if a relationship happens.