diamond head lu'aU




Solo couple order. What should it be? What are we deciding on?

  • 4 beats for solos with musicians always no matter how many couples we have

  • Solo order:

    • 4G/3B = 2 girls dance on front stage with 1 boy

      • Solos: right front girl w/ front boy, left front girl w/ front boy, right back couple, left back couple

        • Stand up in opposite order

    • 4B/3G = 2 boys dancing with middle girl on front stage

      • Solos: the same as above

      • Boys need to coordinate how we are going to set their choreography for dancing with the girls while on the FK stage; Do not leave a boy out of aparima

    • 3/3 = 3rd girl (stage right) is the one to dance onto FK stage; boys continue to enter from the left around the bushes from the grass

      • Solos: first 2 beats are the front couple on FK stage; 3rd is right couple; 4th is left couple. Stand up in opposite order

    • Every time on FK stage, females always exit left; main stage always exit right (always even when 1 or 2 girls on FK stage)

    • Boys always enter from the left from the grass/bushes


  • Every time you do Ka Mate the girls are in the pukas of the boys. Boys on the outside; girls in the pukas inside

  • Pukuriri – girls outside; boys tight

  • Poi Balls

    • Up down, up down cross – cross right in front of body like hugging yourself.

    • Differentiate between windmill and scissors motions

    • Angel wings – different levels as you bring hands down; turn elbows out to make wings

    • Diagram drawn for the staging for different quantity of dancers. Refer to diagram. Officially set.


  • Sasa

    • Knees slapping the whole sasa instead of starting from the clap

    • Flying hands – back to original; body stays facing forward but the hands got to the 45/angle

    • Husking coconut motion – hands remain open

  • Pei O Sei Fale

    • “thinking” motion in the beginning – is still a “c” shaped flick with your hands. Not a point

  • Popo’s in front of your chest; don’t block your face

  • Sa Ou Sa Vali – always single line straight V; no couples V anymore

❖ Pre-Show

  • Hula Lesson

    • Teach dance on FK stage; when time to dance move on to the ground but move far enough back so guests can see your feet

    • Implement Mat – She can leave her mat in her spot; boys will go get it; she doesn’t need to move it to weaving or lei greeting spot

      • Boys always collect all mats

    • Flexibility on PS assignments so it’s not set on where girls move from station to station

      • Kristen commonly does these spots that usually works and flows well:

        • Photo 2 to imps

        • Photo 1 is PS Hula and usually straight to hulas; after hula to flowers

        • Lei greeter to Poi

        • Flowers usually by herself until hula lesson pau

    • When girls help open or work tatau, they shouldn’t end there. They should always help open and start, and then the boy takes over; therefore boys clean up the station. When boy becomes available during PS

❖ When we use the FK stage

  • Hula lesson teach

❖ Main stage

  • PS hula

❖ On the ground

  • Hula lesson dance/song



historical or recurring issues

Ote'a Entrance for Boys
1. Blow Pu 3x from Monk Seal Area (boys are close together, elbow to elbow).
2. Blow Pu 1x in front of the VIP Table (boys are close together, elbow to elbow) - Split in half to go onto stage.
3. Blow Pu 1x at stage (normal staging).
This will be 5x blows total.

Fire Knife Catcher
All Male LC's need to assign a FK catcher for each show. Do not allow the KL staff to take our catcher's place. Please write it on the board!

Fire Knife Dancers
The quality of our show also depends of the consistency of our fire knife routine. As a FKD, you represent Malu Productions and it is important to execute consistently. Past show notes explain that the tower wasn't because a FKD was not feeling well. This is not acceptable. If you are unable to perform according to the show's standards, please find a sub. There are other FKDs that want the work.

Poi Ball Crashers
Sent a green bag labeled "poi ball crashers" on Friday. Please keep this bag in the storage after use. Girls who crash during show need to stay after the show to practice. The dancer will need to get it at least 4x straight without crashing before leaving.

Lei Pua Needle Accountability
After every pre-show, the person working this station needs to make sure EVERY needle is accounted for, regardless if the needle is damaged or broken. This is essential for the safety of our guests, KL Staff, and Malu Cast Members. If one is lost, search the ground for it and all around the station, to make sure it is not sticking up out of the ground. Malu Admins will only send new ones if the old ones are accounted for and returned.

Spotlight Set-Up
The 2 Male Dancers assigned to do Photo will assist spotlight person in moving benches right when pre-show is done - they have been forgetting to help with this. Benches go in middle/center of the stage.

Photographers to arrange/place guests
Our performers should not be the ones to arrange or place the guests for photos. This takes too much time. Their supervisors have confirmed that it's the Photographers job to do this.

We do not encourage or accept any tips at our lu'aus. Please let the guests know. If there is a tip that a guest insists we take, it is divided up between your specific groups (Ex: FKD, Female Dancer, Male Dancer).

Last Man/Pick Up
We will begin designating pick-up areas, similar to HK seating chart, but until then, LC assigns each dancer.

House Lights
OSM is now in charge of turning off house lights at the start of the show. House lights are located at the side of stage - ask Victor to show you. This allows for a more timely cue of the start of show, and ensures only Malu staff/cast are backstage. No one else should be backstage, including any KL staff.