What is the Referral Program?

The Referral Program is an incentive, and an opportunity for existing performers under Malu Productions, Inc (MPI) to

  • To assist your network (friends, family, and associates) in obtaining high quality entertainment for their events and special occasions (Weddings, Baby Luau, Graduations, Business events).

  • Create more work  opportunities for you and your fellow cast of entertainers

 If you successfully refer a company or an individual to MPI and we are able to provide services for their event, you ou will receive a referral fee.

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

All existing Independent Contractors under Malu Productions, Inc.

How do I participate in the program?

It’s easy! Simply let the individual or company know to contact Michelle by phone at (808) 585-7388 or by email at If a show is successfully booked, performed, and compensation is received, you will be compensated a referral fee which is a percentage of the profit.

To ensure that you receive acknowledgement for the referral please let Michelle know in advance that you referred a potential client.

How much will I be compensated for successfully referring a client?

If Malu Productions successfully books, performs and is compensated by the client that you referred, you will receive a percentage of the revenue AFTER all show expenses are paid.

Your compensation will be determined by two factors:

1.       The amount of revenue generated after all show expenses are paid.

2.       Whether it is a ONE-TIME EVENT or a STEADY SHOWS .


What is considered a steady show?

A steady show is pre-determined, recurring, and on-going engagement between MPI and the Client. Recurring entertainment is defined as entertainment that occurs at least once a month for twelve consecutive months. Even if Malu Productions is hired by the same client consistently, if the entertainment is not pre-determined to occur at least monthly for twelve consecutive months, each show shall be considered a convention. The Hale Koa Luau, Royal Hawaiian Center, Tikis, and NCL Honolulu/Maui shows are examples of steady shows.

When I do stop getting compensated for a referral?

You will continue to be compensated for up to 3 years.  If a referral cancels entertainment for any show under any circumstances, you will not receive compensation for that show.

What is the cost of the show expenses?

Show expenses will vary depending on the cast size and the type of entertainment they are requesting but it will always take up majority of a show’s budget. Besides compensating all of the performers who were involved in the show, there are also other costs to consider such a productions cost of loading and unloading of show equipment and personnel. A bigger cost that is typically overlooked is the overhead expenses such as the cost of administration that handles everything that happens before and after a show.

My referral booked Malu Productions for entertainment, now what?

Prior to the event or show, contact administration and request for a contract that will allow you to receive compensation for a referral.  After the event, you will need to submit an invoice with the name and date of the event and specify that you are billing for a Referral Program Fee. This is not to be considered commission. Leave the amount blank as we will need to calculate the show expenses following the actual event. Please allow four weeks to receive compensation for your referral.

Are there any rules to this program?

Company Confidentiality

With respect to the ethics and business practices of Malu Productions, you are NOT allowed to share information that is confidential to Malu Productions including our Independent Contractors (performers), Admin Staff, Clients, Rates and Operating Procedures.  Do not attempt to give suggestions or make false promises and/or false representation to the referral request.

You are allowed to share the following with your referral:

  • Malu Productions contact information

  • Brief synopsis of the entertainment we can provide and our services

 Completed Events: Payout

Referral Fees will only be paid out if the event is complete (booked, performed and compensation from the Client has been received). 

Could you give me an example of how a referral for a One-Time Event would work?

Mahina refers Titus, Owner of Samoan Duck Tours to Malu Productions for an upcoming event. Titus contacts Malu Productions and arranges for a Polynesian show for their upcoming company event for $1500. Show expenses come out to $1200 which leaving $300 as revenue. Since this convention was booked thanks to Mahina’s referral, she will be compensated 20% of the $300 revenue which comes out to $60. Titus calls Malu Productions again the following year for entertainment at the same annual company party requesting the same Polynesian show for $1500. Since this is the second year Titus has hired Malu Productions for entertainment, Mahina will receive compensation which is equivalent to 15% of the $300 revenue. Mahina is compensated $45 as a referral incentive.

Could you give me an example of how a referral for a steady show would work?

 Byron is introduced to Rodney, General Manager of the Kahala Hotel & Resort. Rodney mentions to Byron that they built a new lounge at the hotel and is looking for a duo to perform weekly on Wednesday nights. Byron recommends for Roddy to contact Malu Productions. Roddy call Malu Productions and after much discussion, an agreement is made that a Hawaiian duo will be provided weekly every Wednesday night for $400 per show. For one show, the show expenses total $300. This leaves $100 to be considered as revenue. Since this is a steady show, Byron will be compensated 15% of the revenue per show which is $15 per show. For the first year, Byron will be compensated $15 per week. The show is a hit so it goes on a second year where Byron will get paid $12 per week. The show continues on for a third year and Byron continues to receive compensation at $10 per week. The show continues for two more year before the lounge closes down but since this Byron already received three years worth of compensation, he will no longer a receive a Referral Incentive for years four and five.


Information regarding the Referral Incentive Program is subject to change.
If you have any questions, please contact Administration at (808) 546-0080.